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New items

Keyboards troubleshooting - Windows Steph Smith, 2014-08-19
Keyboarding FAQ

The “international niamey keyboard” Layout Peter Constable, 2003-05-16
Describes the “international niamey keyboard” layout proposed by Mann and Dalby.

An introduction to keyboard layout design theory: What goes where? Martin Hosken, 2003-02-17
Designing a keyboard layout is relatively easy: you just allocate codepoints to keystrokes. The difficulty comes when trying to decide what codepoints to assign to what keystrokes. Do you design based around the characters on the keytops of a user's keyboard or the relative position of the keys? What do you do if you want to be able to type more characters than there are keys in your keyboard?

Presentations and working papers in the area of input Lorna A. Priest, 2004-09-29
This page contains various papers on input related issues which have been presented at conferences.

Ukelele John Brownie, 2019-01-18
Ukelele is a Unicode keyboard layout editor for Mac OS X versions 10.2 and later. The latest version, 3.3, is available for download, and can be used on Mac OS X 10.9 and later. The previous stable releases of Ukelele, version 3.2.7 (for Mac OS X 10.8 and later), version 2.2.8 (universal binary, for Mac OS 10.4 and later) and version 1.8.4 (universal binary, for Mac OS X 10.2 and later) are still available for download. This version works on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and later.

Tavultesoft Keyman Joan Wardell, 2007-04-23
Keyman is a keyboard management utility that makes it practical to input many different languages in almost any Windows application. Keyman allows you to have arbitrarily long input sequences and to have diacritics typed after the base character.

SILKey for Macintosh Jonathan Kew, 1998-03-11
SILKey is a suite of programs that can be used to modify the behavior of the Macintosh keyboard when typing in any standard Macintosh word processor or other text-editing program. Written by Jonathan Kew, it is very similar to, but is not based on, the Keyman program for Windows.

Friendly Right-to-Left Editor (FRED) NRSI staff, 1999-08-27

KeyLayoutMaker: Jonathan Kew, 2006-06-01
KeyLayoutMaker is a Perl script designed to create Mac OS X keyboard layout files, based on simple lists of keystrokes and required Unicode characters. It is particularly suited to creating layouts for syllabic scripts.

Tai Dam Keyboards Jim Brase, 2009-09-22
Two Tai Dam keyboard layouts are provided for keying text in the Tai Viet script.

Known Unicode Keyman Keyboards Lorna Priest Evans, 2018-06-08
This is a list of SIL Unicode Keyman keyboards as well as some other websites which have Unicode Keyman keyboards available for download.

Some tools and resources for character input 2016-02-08
Links to useful tools for character input.

IPA Unicode Keyboards Lorna Evans, 2015-01-28
This page contains keyboards created for typing in IPA data.
On Windows, three keyboarding options are available: an IPA Keyman keyboard and keyboards which work through the Windows keyboarding system (MSKLC) for US, UK and BR keyboard layouts.
We also now provide an IPA keyboard for Linux as an Ubuntu package.
Installable keyboards for Mac OS X version 10.2, designed to allow entry of Unicode 5.0 IPA characters. Includes Dvorak version.

IPA Unicode Windows Keyboards - old versions Lorna Evans, 2014-02-26
This page contains non-current versions of keyboards created for typing in IPA data on Windows machines.

IPA SIL keyboards for Mac OS X Joan Wardell, 2007-08-20
Installable keyboards for Mac OS X version 10.2 and higher, designed to allow entry of Unicode 5.1 IPA characters. Includes Dvorak version.

Keyboards troubleshooting - Mac OS X Steph Smith, 2014-07-16

Keyboards troubleshooting Steph Holloway, 2013-09-03

SIL Keyboarding Chart for Africa Lorna Priest, 2009-09-01

Hebrew-Greek Transliteration Unicode Keyboard for Macintosh Joan Wardell, 2007-03-12
A simplified transliteration scheme for typing Hebrew or Greek transliteration in Unicode applications, with layout based on the Macintosh U.S. extended keyboard.

Keyman Keyboards Lorna A. Priest, 2003-12-05
Downloadable keyboard definitions, for use with Tavultesoft's Keyman software.

Legacy Fonts and Keyboards Lorna A Priest, 2003-09-24
The fonts and keyboards on this page are considered "legacy" solutions. As such, they are made available for use and downloading, although Unicode solutions are encouraged.

Keyboard-related registry keys in Microsoft Windows Marc Durdin, 2001-08-19
This document lists a number of registry keys and file types and locations that are used for keyboard management in Windows, and also some Keyman-specific settings.

Bible Translation & Literacy keyboard Lorna Priest, 2003-06-05
This keyboard was developed for use by BTL (Bible Translation & Literacy) language teams in Kenya. It was originally created for customized fonts but has been updated for Unicode.

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