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Short URL: http://scripts.sil.org/SILFontList

SIL Fonts for downloading

NRSI Staff, 2013-08-01

Released fonts

Unicode encoded fonts

Font NameScriptStyleWindows installerMacLinuxOFLGraphiteOpenTypeAATTypeTuner
Abyssinica SIL 1.500 Ethiopic calligraphic  
Andika 5.000 Latin/Cyrillic/IPA sans serif  
Andika 5.000 Subsets Latin/Cyrillic/IPA sans serif          
Annapurna SIL 1.100 Devanagari calligraphic  
Apparatus SIL 1.0          
Charis SIL 5.000 Latin/Cyrillic/IPA serif  
Charis SIL 5.000 Subsets Latin/Cyrillic/IPA serif          
Dai Banna SIL 2.200 New Tai Lue        
Doulos SIL 5.000 Latin/Cyrillic/IPA serif  
Doulos SIL 5.000 Subsets Latin/Cyrillic/IPA serif          
Doulos SIL Cipher 1.020 Cipher Music          
Ezra SIL 2.51 Hebrew square      
Galatia SIL 2.1 Greek serif          
Gentium 1.03 Latin/Greek/Cyrillic serif      
Gentium Plus 5.000 Latin/Greek/Cyrillic/IPA serif  
Gentium Plus 5.000 Subsets Latin/Cyrillic/IPA serif          
Lateef 1.001 Arabic naskh    
The Mondulkiri Font Family Khmer            
Nuosu SIL 2.1.1 Yi            
Padauk 2.8 Myanmar        
Scheherazade 2.020 Arabic naskh  
Sophia Nubian 1.0 Coptic sans serif      
Special Interest Derivative Unicode Fonts Latin/Cyrillic          
Tai Heritage 2.500 Tai Viet        
Unicode BMP Fallback Font all of BMP up to Unicode 6.1                

SIL IPA Unicode (beta)

The SIL Unicode IPA beta font was a Unicode-encoded font for Linux®, Macintosh® or Windows® systems. The Doulos SIL font has a more extensive character inventory, and replaces the IPA Unicode font beta font.

Legacy fonts

Font NameScriptWindowsMacOFL
Encode Numbers    
Namdhinggo SIL L Limbu
Nastaliq Navees Arabic  
SIL Apparatus    
SIL Encore Fonts Latin/Cyrillic  
SIL Greek Font System Greek  
SIL Hebrew Font System Hebrew  
SIL IPA Latin  
SIL IPA93 Latin  
SIL Tai Dam Tai Viet  
SIL Dai Banna New Tai Lue  
SIL Vai Vai  
Zaghawa Beria Font Beria  

Fonts in Development

Development status

Please note that the materials offered in this section are still in development, and are made available for testing purposes only. Final releases may vary substantially from pre-release versions.

Font NameScriptStyleWindows installerMacLinuxOFLGraphiteOpenTypeAATTypeTuner
Awami Nastaliq Arabic Nastaliq            
Harmattan alpha Arabic Warsh      
Mingzat Lepcha          
Namdhinggo SIL Limbu            
ShiShan Miao (Pollard)          

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"SAlih Brandt", Mon, Jun 12, 2006 13:58 (EDT)

Naves Nastaliq

This looks like its going to be a good font. but the linkages do not work in OSX when using text edit which seems to be hte premier programme for writing in unusual languages.

Any hints from anyone?

"Jonathan", Thu, Jun 15, 2006 09:05 (EDT)

Re: Naves Nastaliq

The Nastaliq Navees font was developed for Apple's QuickDraw GX technology, part of Mac OS versions 7.x and 8. This system is now obsolete. It would be nice to update the font for current technology (Mac OS X, Unicode, AAT), but we have not had the time and resources to work on this; therefore, it will not work with today's software.

"pervaz khan", Wed, Aug 9, 2006 15:49 (EDT)

Re: Naves Nastaliq

dear sir is this font is for windows

jonathan, Wed, Aug 9, 2006 15:54 (EDT)

Re: Naves Nastaliq

No. See the System Requirements page.

"Khaled Hosny", Sun, Nov 18, 2007 20:00 (EST)

Re: Naves Nastaliq

Any chance this font (or at leaset the glyphs composing it and some documentation about has this font was designed) got released under a free software lisence? so that free comunity can pick it and, hopfully, port it to modern font technologies like AAT and graphite. I'd personally like to work on such font.

"nickshanks", Thu, May 12, 2011 11:13 (EDT)

Re: Naves Nastaliq

The MacArabic-encoded font works fine in Snow Leopard, with no changes necessary.

"Marcis Yarlyk.ru", Tue, Mar 20, 2007 22:11 (EDT)


The fonts are really well-done.

"guocuouoduo", Thu, Jan 29, 2015 21:48 (EST)

Update to Unicode 7.0 for the non-Latin fonts

Have any of the non-Latin fonts been upgraded to Unicode 7.0?

If not, are there any plans to do so?

"Lorna", Tue, Feb 3, 2015 10:36 (EST)

Re: Update to Unicode 7.0 for the non-Latin fonts

Scheherazade supports the newest Unicode 7.0 Arabic script characters. The Harmattan (in the "Fonts in Development" section) font also supports some of the Unicode 7.0 Arabic script characters (but not all).

I believe those are the only non-Latin fonts we've updated so far.

Annapurna (Devanagari script) is in the process of being updated. We do not currently plan to create fonts for any of the complete scripts added to Unicode 7.0.

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