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Short URL: https://scripts.sil.org/OOo_20_graphite

Graphite in OpenOffice.org

Tim Eves, 2010-04-08

OpenOffice 3.2 uses SIL Graphite software!

 OpenOffice.org has released version 3.2 of its popular office software package. This is the first version to incorporate Graphite, the SIL-developed software that enables users of many complex scripts and writing systems to design special computer characters needed in their languages. Please go to  OpenOffice.org to download the latest version; there is no need to download older versions from this site.

There is a Known Issue with regard to using Graphite fonts in OpenOffice 3.2. There is a distinct performance hit. If you are using Graphite-enabled fonts and you do not need the Graphite capabilities you can turn Graphite rendering off by setting the environment variable:

OpenOffice beta with Graphite


This is a beta release of the Graphite integration into OpenOffice.org. Graphite support is integrated at the graphics system layer, and so is available to the entire suite of applications. This enables all the applications in the suite to render and edit text displayed in Graphite fonts. The demo documents available below demonstrate Writer using Graphite fonts though we have also used versions of this software to display presentations in non-Roman scripts.


  • All OpenOffice.org applications have integration with Graphite, as support has been added as a component of OpenOffice's complex text rendering subsystem.
  • Enables the display and input of text using any Graphite font.
  • The UI can be set to display in any Graphite font.
  • Exports documents using Graphite fonts to PDF.
  • Prints documents using Graphite fonts.
  • Font features are accessible via careful font naming



OOo 3.0.0 RC1 (English)

Release candidate 1:

OpenOffice Graphite 3.0.0 Win32/Intel Installer (English)
Roy Dalpra, 2008-10-24
Download "OOo_3.0.0_080905_Win32Intel_install.exe", Windows application, 125MB [4368 downloads]

md5Sum = e51f02ed08674e2814cee4e2543359e2

Although some testing has been done on Vista and XP, not all Pcs have the same libraries. On some PCs although this version of OpenOffice installs correctly, it may not be possible to run the product. This is normaly due to missing libraries or subsytems. Should you have a problem, please install the  MSVC8 runtime. If you continue to have a problem then install  .Net 2.

OOo 3.0.0 dev, non-English versions

The following are latest developer versions.

OpenOffice Graphite 3.0.0 Win32/Intel Installer (French)
Roy Dalpra, 2009-05-01
Download "OOo_3.0.0_090216_Win32Intel_install_fr.exe", Windows application, 122MB [3509 downloads]
OpenOffice Graphite 3.0.0 Win32/Intel Installer (Spanish)
Sharon Correll, 2009-05-07
Download "OOo_3.0.0_090216_Win32Intel_install_es.exe", Windows application, 123MB [3588 downloads]
Simplified Chinese
OpenOffice Graphite DEV300_m41 Simplified Chinese Win32/Intel Installer
Roy Dalpra, 2009-03-04
Download "OOo_3.0.0_090216_Win32Intel_install_zh-CN.exe", Windows application, 120MB [3471 downloads]

md5sum = 16a16359a1d155441bb2b018ac11b741

OOo 3.1.0 Alpha

OpenOffice Graphite 3.1.0 Win32/Intel Installer ALPHA
Roy Dalpra, 2009-01-07
Download "OOo_3.1.0_081217_Win32Intel_install.exe", Windows application, 126MB [3535 downloads]

md5 sum = 6ba1fa760b1444ee3f08537408ceda75

OpenOffice 3.1 alpha test build with the latest graphite integration, fixes problems in right to left and fallback fonts. Please send feedback.

Older versions:

OpenOffice Graphite 2.4.0 Win32/Intel Installer
Roy Dalpra, 2008-04-01
Download "OOo_2.4.0_080331_Win32Intel_install.exe", Windows application, 114MB [3890 downloads]

Download  Graphite OpenOffice 2.0.2 test version (89MB) from  http://www.thanlwinsoft.org/

Windows OpenOffice 2 with Graphite
Martin Hosken, 2006-01-30
Download "oo2gr_win.exe", Windows application, 75MB [6489 downloads]


A patch package for OpenOffice 2.4.1 is available for Ubuntu Hardy (32-bit) from the  packages.sil.org repository. Install openoffice.org-sil-patch-hardy to add graphite support and uninstall the same package to revert back to the default version with no Graphite support.

Older versions:

Both of these have been built to have as few dependencies as possible, the RPM bundle should run on most RPM based distros (tested on SuSE 9.3) and the Debian bundle should work on most Debian based distros (tested on Ubuntu Breezy). They are self extracting archives containing the relevant package files:

SIL.OpenOffice 2.0.0 rpm bundle
Tim Eves, 2005-11-02
Download "OOo_2.0_en-US_download_rpms.sh", Shell script (.sh), 95MB [5893 downloads]
SIL.OpenOffice 2.0.0 debian bundle
Tim Eves, 2005-11-02
Download "OOo_2.0_en-US_download_debs.sh", Shell script (.sh), 101MB [5541 downloads]

Sample Documents

A document using Doulos SIL to show off feature support in OpenOffice Graphite.

Describes font features in OpenOffice
Martin Hosken, 2008-08-29
Download "features.odt", OpenDocument Text, 33KB [4410 downloads]

Source code

The source code and basic build instructions can be found at the Building OpenOffice 2.0.0 from source with Graphite support page.

Graphite enabled fonts

In order to see the demo documents and get any benefit from this version of OpenOffice.org, you will need to install some of the Graphite enabled fonts. They can be downloaded from: Download Graphite Fonts

Linux Installation for older versions

The download version comes as a single self extracting shell script. To extract the package files (.deb or RPMs depending on the version you downloaded) into the directory where you placed the download file type:
sh Ooo_2.0_linux_install_en-US_rpms.sh 

or for Debian systems

sh Ooo_2.0_linux_install_en-US_debs.sh 

You will be asked where you want the package files to be extracted to, once SIL.OpenOffice.org is installed these files can safely be deleted. Then run your package manager (dpkg or rpm) to install SIL.OpenOffice.org.

Bug reporting

This being a beta release, means there will inevitably be bugs. If you discover a bug and you think it's Graphite related, we would like to hear from you. In order to assist us in tracking down and reproducing the bug it would be very helpful, if you are able, to include: a stack trace, the font files and documents used when you send your bug report. This will greatly increase the chance of finding and fixing the bug.
You can get a stack trace by running SIL.OpenOffice.org from the shell and triggering the bug.

An alternative to using this form is to report a bug via  Sourceforge

Explanation of steps to take to reproduce the bug:


The Graphite fonts being used in the document that triggered the bug:

In case of multiple fonts please send as a zip file or tarball.

The document which triggered the crash:

In case of multiple documents please send as a zip file or tarball.

A stack trace if the bug resulted in a crash, if it did not crash as detailed an explanation as you can give:


Optionally, you can provide us with a name and e-mail address so we can respond to you:





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