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Short URL: http://scripts.sil.org/taiheritage

Tai Heritage Pro

Jim Brase, 2012-11-20

Contents of this page:


The Tai Heritage typeface is designed to reflect the traditional hand-written style of the Tai Viet script. Under the name Tai Heritage Pro, version 2.5 is now available as a Unicode-encoded font (based on  The Unicode Standard version 5.2 or later) in regular and bold faces, with both OpenType and Graphite rendering.

New in version 2.500

  • A bold face is now available.
  • OpenType rendering is supported in applications which use  ICU shaping.
  • The character repertoire has been expanded to included a broader set of Latin characters and punctuation. This is intended to make the text readable when Vietnamese, French, and/or English text is mixed with Tai, but Tai Heritage Pro is not intended to substitute for a publication-quality Latin font.
  • The  Graphite features in this font now work with the CSS support in Firefox 11.

Tai Heritage Pro character repertoire

The Tai Dam, Tai Daeng and Tai Don people who live in northwestern Vietnam and surrounding areas have a long tradition of literacy in the  Tai Viet script. Their languages belong to the Tai-Kadai language family and are closely related to Lao.

Special thanks are due to Mr. Faah Baccam, whose drawings have served as the basis for the development of this font. Any defects in the final digital designs, however, remain our responsibility. Suggestions for design improvements in any future edition, especially from Tai users of the fonts, are welcome.

System Requirements

Tai Heritage Pro version 2.500 can use either Graphite rendering or OpenType rendering with the ICU shaping engine. The OpenType rendering will not work with current versions of Uniscribe, including all Microsoft applications.

The font has been tested with the following applications:

ApplicationLinksPlatformRendering technologyShaping engine
SIL WorldPad WorldPad Windows 7 Graphite built into Graphite
LibreOffice 3.4   Windows 7 Graphite built into Graphite
XeTeX   Windows 7 and Linux Graphite built into Graphite
XeTeX   Windows 7 and Linux OpenType ICU
FireFox   Windows 7 Graphite built into Graphite

Tai Heritage Pro 2.500, tested applications

See  What applications support Graphite? for a list of other Graphite-enabled applications that should work with the font


Tai Heritage Pro is released under the SIL Open Font License (OFL), version 1.1. Copyright (c) 1995-2012 SIL International ( http://www.sil.org/), with Reserved Font Name "Heritage".

Download and Installation

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DownloadsInstallation and Use
Tai Heritage Pro 2.5, installer for Windows (exe file)
Jim Brase, 2012-11-14
Download "TaiHeritagePro2_5FontInstaller.exe", Windows application, 349KB [1811 downloads]
For Windows only. Download the .exe file, then double-click on it to install the font file and documentation. After installing, you can read the documentation files at Start / All programs / SIL / Fonts / TaiHeritagePro.
Tai Heritage Pro 2.5 (zip archive)
Jim Brase, 2012-11-14
Download "TaiHeritagePro2_5.zip", ZIP archive, 268KB [3574 downloads]
For Windows or Linux, but the font has received less extensive testing in Linux. Expand the .zip file and install the font manually using the procedures for your operating system. If you are uncertain how to expand a .zip file, see Decompression Utilities, Downloading & Font Installation Tips. Both the font file and documentation are inside the archive.
Tai Heritage Pro 2.500 Developer (zip archive)
Jim Brase, 2012-11-14
Download "TaiHeritagePro2_500developer.zip", ZIP archive, 814KB [1086 downloads]
This package contains the same files as TaiHeritagePro2_5.zip, plus the FontLab, Graphite, VOLT and anchor point source files.

Ubuntu repository

Ubuntu repository on packages.sil.org Installation Instructions
Ubuntu software repository

This font is available in the SIL software repository for Ubuntu on  http://packages.sil.org.

Ubuntu users can subscribe to this software repository and get current versions and updates automatically. See the  detailed instructions about adding the repository.

See also...

Tai Dam Keyboards

Any Unicode-based Tai Viet keyboard can be used for data input with the Tai Heritage Pro font. We provide two layouts you can chose from on Tai Dam Keyboards.

Previous versions of Tai Heritage

Previous versions of Tai Heritage fonts can be found on Tai Heritage — Previous Versions.

Converting Tai Viet PUA data to Unicode

Pending the addition of the Tai Viet script to Unicode, the Tai Viet Working Group agreed on a temporary PUA-based encoding for Tai Viet text. Since the release of Unicode 5.2, this Tai Viet PUA encoding is obsolete, and any text encoded with it (including text that uses the 2008 Tai Heritage Design Review font) should be converted to Unicode. A Tai-Viet-PUA-to-Unicode mapping table, usable with the SIL Converters software, is provided here for that purpose.

 Tai Viet PUA to Unicode mapping

See SILConverters 4.0 for the SIL Converters software.


As these fonts and utilities are distributed at no cost, we are unable to provide a commercial level of personal technical support. We will, however, try to resolve problems that are reported to us.

We do hope that you will report problems so they can be addressed in future releases. Even if you are not having any specific problems, but have an idea on how this system could be improved, we want to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Please note that these fonts are intended for use by experienced computer users. Installing and using these fonts is not a trivial matter. The most effective technical support is usually provided by an experienced computer user who can personally sit down with you at your computer to troubleshoot the problem.

General troubleshooting information, including frequently asked questions, can be found in the documentation. Additional information is also available on the general Font FAQ page. If that fails to answer your question you can contact us at:

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