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Graide stands for GRAphite Integrated Development Environment. It is a tool that can be used for developing Graphite fonts.

Graide includes the following features:

  • an integrated compiler - for building the Graphite tables into your font
  • a test suite facility - for organizing and running test data for your Graphite font
  • a debugger - allowing you to see the exact effects of of your Graphite rules
  • an attachment point editor - for visually setting and adjusting attachment points
  • a position tweaker - generates GDL rules based on visually positioned glyphs
  • a matcher - searches through test data files for test sequences that produce a given sequence of glyphs

The program is currently under development.


A development release is available below. These are stand-alone executables that require no installation.

Graide 0.8.5 for Windows
Sharon Correll, 2015-10-23
Download "graide_0_8_5_win.exe", Windows application, 26MB [1460 downloads]


The Windows executable file must be named exactly graide0_8_5.exe in order to run.

If you experience errors in Graide, the console version may help with debugging by printing error messages in the console window. (Note that this is an older version of the program.)

Graide 0.8 for Windows - with console
Sharon Correll, 2015-01-13
Download "graide0_8_console.exe", Windows application, 20MB [1180 downloads]


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Source code

Graide source code may be accessed from the public GitHub repository:


The following tutorial teaches basic elements of GDL program and includes instructions for using Graide.

Graphite tutorial using Graide

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