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Graide stands for GRAphite Integrated Development Environment. It is a tool that can be used for developing Graphite fonts.

Graide includes the following features:

  • an integrated compiler - for building the Graphite tables into your font
  • a test suite facility - for organizing and running test data for your Graphite font
  • a debugger - allowing you to see the exact effects of of your Graphite rules
  • an attachment point editor - for visually setting and adjusting attachment points
  • a matcher - searches through test data files for test sequences that produce a given sequence of glyphs

The program is currently under development.


This is a stand-alone executable that requires no installation. It includes a console that displays program information.

Graide 1.0 for Windows
Sharon Correll, 2020-05-21
Download "graide.exe", Windows application, 43MB [563 downloads]

User's manual

Graide Manual for version 1.0
Sharon Correll, 2020-05-21
Download "GraideManual_1_0.pdf", Acrobat PDF document, 4MB [1121 downloads]


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Source code

Graide source code may be accessed from the public GitHub repository:


The following tutorial teaches basic elements of GDL program and includes instructions for using Graide.

Graphite tutorial using Graide

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