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A free and open rendering engine for complex scripts

Applications that support Graphite

Firefox 11+

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser. Versions 11 and later have Graphite support. It uses the Graphite2 engine.

 Download Firefox

(Graphite must be enabled to work in early versions of Firefox. See Using Graphite in Mozilla Firefox.)

LibreOffice 3.4+

LibreOffice is an open-source suite of tools, including a word-processing program, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Version 3.4 and later support Graphite rendering. It uses the Graphite2 engine.

 LibreOffice home page

To disable Graphite in the Windows version, set an environment variable: SAL_DISABLE_GRAPHITE = 1.

OpenOffice 3.2

OpenOffice is the software on which LibreOffice is based. Version 3.2 supports Graphite rendering. It uses the original SilGraphite engine.

 OpenOffice home page

XeTeX 0.997+

XeTeX is a typesetting system based on a merger of Donald Knuth's TeX system with Unicode and modern font technologies. It uses the original SilGraphite engine.

XeTeX home page

 download XeTeX from TeXLive


FieldWorks is SIL's suite of linguistic applications. It includes tools for dictionary development, translation, and morphological analysis, and text interlinearization. It uses the original SilGraphite engine.

 FieldWorks home page


Paratext and related tools are a collection of software programs which allow you to input, edit, check, and publish a translation of the Scriptures, based on the original texts (Greek, Hebrew), and modeled on versions in major languages.

 Paratext home page


Bloom makes it easy to create simple books and translate them into multiple languages.

 Bloom Library page

Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a web browser built on a fork of Mozilla Firefox.

 Pale Moon home page

Integrating Graphite into an application

For information on adding Graphite support to an application you are developing, see our application developer resource page.

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