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Computer setup for encoding conversion

Lorna A. Priest, 2009-02-17

These instructions are needed for Unicode Transition Tutorial Links.


Download and install

  •  7-zip,  WinZip or  StuffIt Expander (Not needed if you already have a way to unpack .ZIP files — like Windows XP.) (Note that WinZip and StuffIt Expander are shareware programs. If you want to continue using either, you’ll need to register and pay for it. 7-Zip is OpenSource.)
  • Download:
UT Tutorials files
Lorna Priest, 2003-04-15
Download "", ZIP archive, 3MB [3754 downloads]
    • Save it into the root of C: (or to the root of another drive, if you prefer, just remember the tutorial instructions will refer to C:UT).
    • Double-click on to unzip it.
      • This will create the directory structure we would like you to use along with all the tutorials. The tutorials will assume that this folder is located on the root of hard disk C: (that is, C:UT). If you place it somewhere else, you’ll need to make that adjustment when following the tutorials.


This workbook is not needed for these tutorials but is provided as a tool to help you in figuring out your mappings from legacy to Unicode.

Legacy Mapping Workbook
Bob Hallissy, 2004-08-06
Download "", ZIP archive, 224KB [4322 downloads]

  • Download the following file and copy the appropriate template (see below) into the Office Startup folder. The path to this folder is typically something like C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeSTARTUP.
Unicode macros version 1.5.1 for Microsoft Word
Peter G. Constable, 2003-04-01
Download "", ZIP archive, 271KB [9078 downloads]
    • (for use on Word 97 and Word 98)
    • (for use on Word 2000 later)
      • Delete the template you don’t need.
  • Cleanup: Delete
  • Copy the fonts in UTfonts to WindowsFonts.
  • Doulos SIL
    • Download the file, unzip it and copy the font to WindowsFonts.
  •  Code2000 (Note that Code2000 is shareware. SIL members are covered by a corporate license. Non-SIL staff need to register and pay for it if you want to continue using it on a regular basis.)
    • Unzip this file and copy the font to WindowsFonts.
  •  Microsoft Windows Font Properties Extension
    • Download to UTdownloads.
    • Double-click on setup.exe (or ttfext.exe) to run the installation program.
  •  Adobe Acrobat Reader (you may already have this installed)
    • Download to UTdownloads.
    • Double-click on the file you downloaded and follow the installation instructions.
  • MSXML 3 — Skip to the next step if you already have Internet Explorer 6 (or greater) installed.
    • If you have IE5 on your computer and have not already installed MSXML 3, do the following:
      • In Internet Explorer, navigate to: and click on  Save File .
        • Navigate to the folder where you downloaded this file (probably UTdownloads) and double-click on the file you just download (probably msxml3sp2cab.exe) and follow the installation instructions.
        • For Windows 9x copy/unpack the above file to C:WindowsSystem
        • Click on Start / Run and type regsvr32 msxml3.dll from the above location.
      • If you do not have IE 5
        • Navigate to: and click on  Download Now . You may have to fill in information before downloading the file.
        • Save the file in UTdownloads. Notice the filename.
        • Navigate to UTdownloads and double-click on the file you just downloaded and follow the installation instructions.
  • Encore2Unicode
Encore2Unicode self-extracting archive (for Unicode 5.1)
Lorna A. Priest, 2008-04-07
Download "Encore2Unicode51.exe", Windows application, 2MB [4550 downloads]
    • Download to UTdownloads.
    • Double-click on the file you downloaded and unzip it to C:Program FilesSILEncore2Unicode (default location).
    • Create two (2) shortcuts on your desktop for Encore2Unicode.exe.
    • Right-click on one of the shortcuts and edit the properties as follows:
      • Change the “Target” from:
        • "C:Program FilesSILEncore2UnicodeEncore2Unicode.exe"
        • to
        • "C:Program FilesSILEncore2UnicodeEncore2Unicode.exe" -x
      • Change the name (under the General tab) to: E2U XML. Follow the same steps for the other shortcut. This time don’t change “Target” but change the name to E2U TECkit.
  • SILConverters
    • Download one of the SILConverters packages to UTdownloads. The basic one is called "Run SIL Converters 3.0 (interactive web-based installer)" and will be used in these instructions.
    • Double-click on setup.exe and follow the installation instructions. When it asks, be sure to install TECkit and the SIL IPA93<>Unicode converter.
  • Cleanup: delete all files under UTdownloads.

Uninstalling unwanted files and apps


We hope you will want to keep many of the applications and files which you have installed, but in case you don’t, these are the instructions for removing them.


  • Click on Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs to remove the following programs:
    • Stuffit Standard Edition (you may have chosen not to install this package)
    • WinZip (you may have chosen not to install this package)
    • 7-Zip (you may have chosen not to install this package)
    • Navigate to Program Files and delete:
      • Encore2Unicode
  • Word Macros
    • Navigate to Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeSTARTUP and delete the UnicodeWordMacros template that you copied there.
  • SILConverters
    • Click on Start / Programs / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs. Wait for the list to display. Scroll down and select SIL Encoding Converters 3.x and click Remove.


  • Navigate to WindowsFonts and delete the following fonts:
    • SILDoulos IPA93 (legacy font)
    • Pherliod SILDoulos (legacy font)
    • Doulos SIL (Unicode font)
    • Code2000 (Unicode font)

Other files

  • Delete all folders and files under UT. If you began doing any personal mapping tables under UTWork make sure you save those. You wouldn’t want to delete all your precious mapping files and keyboards, now would you?!

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