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PUA Use in the Adobe Glyph List

Peter Constable, 2003-04-24


The SIL PUA committee is no longer functioning. If you wish to see the latest files related to the SIL PUA and the status of encoding in Unicode please visit the new home  for the SIL PUA.

The following table shows the associations between Postscript glyph names and Unicode private use area code points that are made in the Adobe Glyph List, as of 2002-9-20. The list is taken from the online  Adobe Glyph List and is presented in code point order.1

PUA code point(s)Postscript glyph name
F6BE dotlessj
F6C0 ll
F6C3 commaaccent
F6C4 afii10063
F6C5 afii10064
F6C6 afii10192
F6C7 afii10831
F6C8 afii10832
F6C9 Acute
F6CA Caron
F6CB Dieresis
F6CC DieresisAcute
F6CD DieresisGrave
F6CE Grave
F6CF Hungarumlaut
F6D0 Macron
F6D1 cyrBreve
F6D2 cyrFlex
F6D3 dblGrave
F6D4 cyrbreve
F6D5 cyrflex
F6D6 dblgrave
F6D7 dieresisacute
F6D8 dieresisgrave
F6D9 copyrightserif
F6DA registerserif
F6DB trademarkserif
F6DC onefitted
F6DD rupiah
F6DE threequartersemdash
F6DF centinferior
F6E0 centsuperior
F6E1 commainferior
F6E2 commasuperior
F6E3 dollarinferior
F6E4 dollarsuperior
F6E5 hypheninferior
F6E6 hyphensuperior
F6E7 periodinferior
F6E8 periodsuperior
F6E9 asuperior
F6EA bsuperior
F6EB dsuperior
F6EC esuperior
F6ED isuperior
F6EE lsuperior
F6EF msuperior
F6F0 osuperior
F6F1 rsuperior
F6F2 ssuperior
F6F3 tsuperior
F6F4 Brevesmall
F6F5 Caronsmall
F6F6 Circumflexsmall
F6F7 Dotaccentsmall
F6F8 Hungarumlautsmall
F6F9 Lslashsmall
F6FA OEsmall
F6FB Ogoneksmall
F6FC Ringsmall
F6FD Scaronsmall
F6FE Tildesmall
F6FF Zcaronsmall
F721 exclamsmall
F724 dollaroldstyle
F726 ampersandsmall
F730 zerooldstyle
F731 oneoldstyle
F732 twooldstyle
F733 threeoldstyle
F734 fouroldstyle
F735 fiveoldstyle
F736 sixoldstyle
F737 sevenoldstyle
F738 eightoldstyle
F739 nineoldstyle
F73F questionsmall
F760 Gravesmall
F761 Asmall
F762 Bsmall
F763 Csmall
F764 Dsmall
F765 Esmall
F766 Fsmall
F767 Gsmall
F768 Hsmall
F769 Ismall
F76A Jsmall
F76B Ksmall
F76C Lsmall
F76D Msmall
F76E Nsmall
F76F Osmall
F770 Psmall
F771 Qsmall
F772 Rsmall
F773 Ssmall
F774 Tsmall
F775 Usmall
F776 Vsmall
F777 Wsmall
F778 Xsmall
F779 Ysmall
F77A Zsmall
F7A1 exclamdownsmall
F7A2 centoldstyle
F7A8 Dieresissmall
F7AF Macronsmall
F7B4 Acutesmall
F7B8 Cedillasmall
F7BF questiondownsmall
F7E0 Agravesmall
F7E1 Aacutesmall
F7E2 Acircumflexsmall
F7E3 Atildesmall
F7E4 Adieresissmall
F7E5 Aringsmall
F7E6 AEsmall
F7E7 Ccedillasmall
F7E8 Egravesmall
F7E9 Eacutesmall
F7EA Ecircumflexsmall
F7EB Edieresissmall
F7EC Igravesmall
F7ED Iacutesmall
F7EE Icircumflexsmall
F7EF Idieresissmall
F7F0 Ethsmall
F7F1 Ntildesmall
F7F2 Ogravesmall
F7F3 Oacutesmall
F7F4 Ocircumflexsmall
F7F5 Otildesmall
F7F6 Odieresissmall
F7F8 Oslashsmall
F7F9 Ugravesmall
F7FA Uacutesmall
F7FB Ucircumflexsmall
F7FC Udieresissmall
F7FD Yacutesmall
F7FE Thornsmall
F7FF Ydieresissmall
F884 maihanakatleftthai
F885 saraileftthai
F886 saraiileftthai
F887 saraueleftthai
F888 saraueeleftthai
F889 maitaikhuleftthai
F88A maiekupperleftthai
F88B maieklowrightthai
F88C maieklowleftthai
F88D maithoupperleftthai
F88E maitholowrightthai
F88F maitholowleftthai
F890 maitriupperleftthai
F891 maitrilowrightthai
F892 maitrilowleftthai
F893 maichattawaupperleftthai
F894 maichattawalowrightthai
F895 maichattawalowleftthai
F896 thanthakhatupperleftthai
F897 thanthakhatlowrightthai
F898 thanthakhatlowleftthai
F899 nikhahitleftthai
F8E5 radicalex
F8E6 arrowvertex
F8E7 arrowhorizex
F8E8 registersans
F8E9 copyrightsans
F8EA trademarksans
F8EB parenlefttp
F8EC parenleftex
F8ED parenleftbt
F8EE bracketlefttp
F8EF bracketleftex
F8F0 bracketleftbt
F8F1 bracelefttp
F8F2 braceleftmid
F8F3 braceleftbt
F8F4 braceex
F8F5 integralex
F8F6 parenrighttp
F8F7 parenrightex
F8F8 parenrightbt
F8F9 bracketrighttp
F8FA bracketrightex
F8FB bracketrightbt
F8FC bracerighttp
F8FD bracerightmid
F8FE bracerightbt
F8FF apple
FB00 ff
FB01 fi
FB02 fl
FB03 ffi
FB04 ffl
FB1F afii57705
FB1F doubleyodpatah
FB1F doubleyodpatahhebrew
FB1F yodyodpatahhebrew
FB20 ayinaltonehebrew
FB2A afii57694
FB2A shinshindot
FB2A shinshindothebrew
FB2B afii57695
FB2B shinsindot
FB2B shinsindothebrew
FB2C shindageshshindot
FB2C shindageshshindothebrew
FB2D shindageshsindot
FB2D shindageshsindothebrew
FB2E alefpatahhebrew
FB2F alefqamatshebrew
FB30 alefdageshhebrew
FB31 betdagesh
FB31 betdageshhebrew
FB32 gimeldagesh
FB32 gimeldageshhebrew
FB33 daletdagesh
FB33 daletdageshhebrew
FB34 hedagesh
FB34 hedageshhebrew
FB35 afii57723
FB35 vavdagesh
FB35 vavdagesh65
FB35 vavdageshhebrew
FB36 zayindagesh
FB36 zayindageshhebrew
FB38 tetdagesh
FB38 tetdageshhebrew
FB39 yoddagesh
FB39 yoddageshhebrew
FB3A finalkafdagesh
FB3A finalkafdageshhebrew
FB3B kafdagesh
FB3B kafdageshhebrew
FB3C lameddagesh
FB3C lameddageshhebrew
FB3E memdagesh
FB3E memdageshhebrew
FB40 nundagesh
FB40 nundageshhebrew
FB41 samekhdagesh
FB41 samekhdageshhebrew
FB43 pefinaldageshhebrew
FB44 pedagesh
FB44 pedageshhebrew
FB46 tsadidagesh
FB46 tsadidageshhebrew
FB47 qofdagesh
FB47 qofdageshhebrew
FB48 reshdageshhebrew
FB49 shindagesh
FB49 shindageshhebrew
FB4A tavdages
FB4A tavdagesh
FB4A tavdageshhebrew
FB4B afii57700
FB4B vavholam
FB4B vavholamhebrew
FB4C betrafehebrew
FB4D kafrafehebrew
FB4E perafehebrew
FB4F aleflamedhebrew
FB57 pehfinalarabic
FB58 pehinitialarabic
FB59 pehmedialarabic
FB67 ttehfinalarabic
FB68 ttehinitialarabic
FB69 ttehmedialarabic
FB6B vehfinalarabic
FB6C vehinitialarabic
FB6D vehmedialarabic
FB7B tchehfinalarabic
FB7C tchehinitialarabic
FB7C FEE4 tchehmeeminitialarabic
FB7D tchehmedialarabic
FB89 ddalfinalarabic
FB8B jehfinalarabic
FB8D rrehfinalarabic
FB93 gaffinalarabic
FB94 gafinitialarabic
FB95 gafmedialarabic
FB9F noonghunnafinalarabic
FBA4 hehhamzaaboveisolatedarabic
FBA5 hehhamzaabovefinalarabic
FBA7 hehfinalaltonearabic
FBA8 hehinitialaltonearabic
FBA9 hehmedialaltonearabic
FBAF yehbarreefinalarabic
FC08 behmeemisolatedarabic
FC0B tehjeemisolatedarabic
FC0C tehhahisolatedarabic
FC0E tehmeemisolatedarabic
FC48 meemmeemisolatedarabic
FC4B noonjeemisolatedarabic
FC4E noonmeemisolatedarabic
FC58 yehmeemisolatedarabic
FC5E shaddadammatanarabic
FC5F shaddakasratanarabic
FC60 shaddafathaarabic
FC61 shaddadammaarabic
FC62 shaddakasraarabic
FC6D behnoonfinalarabic
FC73 tehnoonfinalarabic
FC8D noonnoonfinalarabic
FC94 yehnoonfinalarabic
FC9F behmeeminitialarabic
FCA1 tehjeeminitialarabic
FCA2 tehhahinitialarabic
FCA4 tehmeeminitialarabic
FCC9 lamjeeminitialarabic
FCCA lamhahinitialarabic
FCCB lamkhahinitialarabic
FCCC lammeeminitialarabic
FCD1 meemmeeminitialarabic
FCD2 noonjeeminitialarabic
FCD5 noonmeeminitialarabic
FCDD yehmeeminitialarabic
FD3E parenleftaltonearabic
FD3F parenrightaltonearabic
FD88 lammeemhahinitialarabic
FDF2 lamlamhehisolatedarabic
FDFA sallallahoualayhewasallamarabic
FE30 twodotleadervertical
FE31 emdashvertical
FE32 endashvertical
FE33 underscorevertical
FE34 wavyunderscorevertical
FE35 parenleftvertical
FE36 parenrightvertical
FE37 braceleftvertical
FE38 bracerightvertical
FE39 tortoiseshellbracketleftvertical
FE3A tortoiseshellbracketrightvertical
FE3B blacklenticularbracketleftvertical
FE3C blacklenticularbracketrightvertical
FE3D dblanglebracketleftvertical
FE3E dblanglebracketrightvertical
FE3F anglebracketleftvertical
FE40 anglebracketrightvertical
FE41 cornerbracketleftvertical
FE42 cornerbracketrightvertical
FE43 whitecornerbracketleftvertical
FE44 whitecornerbracketrightvertical
FE49 overlinedashed
FE4A overlinecenterline
FE4B overlinewavy
FE4C overlinedblwavy
FE4D lowlinedashed
FE4E lowlinecenterline
FE4F underscorewavy
FE50 commasmall
FE52 periodsmall
FE54 semicolonsmall
FE55 colonsmall
FE59 parenleftsmall
FE5A parenrightsmall
FE5B braceleftsmall
FE5C bracerightsmall
FE5D tortoiseshellbracketleftsmall
FE5E tortoiseshellbracketrightsmall
FE5F numbersignsmall
FE61 asterisksmall
FE62 plussmall
FE63 hyphensmall
FE64 lesssmall
FE65 greatersmall
FE66 equalsmall
FE69 dollarsmall
FE6A percentsmall
FE6B atsmall
FE82 alefmaddaabovefinalarabic
FE84 alefhamzaabovefinalarabic
FE86 wawhamzaabovefinalarabic
FE88 alefhamzabelowfinalarabic
FE8A yehhamzaabovefinalarabic
FE8B yehhamzaaboveinitialarabic
FE8C yehhamzaabovemedialarabic
FE8E aleffinalarabic
FE90 behfinalarabic
FE91 behinitialarabic
FE92 behmedialarabic
FE94 tehmarbutafinalarabic
FE96 tehfinalarabic
FE97 tehinitialarabic
FE98 tehmedialarabic
FE9A thehfinalarabic
FE9B thehinitialarabic
FE9C thehmedialarabic
FE9E jeemfinalarabic
FE9F jeeminitialarabic
FEA0 jeemmedialarabic
FEA2 hahfinalarabic
FEA3 hahinitialarabic
FEA4 hahmedialarabic
FEA6 khahfinalarabic
FEA7 khahinitialarabic
FEA8 khahmedialarabic
FEAA dalfinalarabic
FEAC thalfinalarabic
FEAE rehfinalarabic
FEB0 zainfinalarabic
FEB2 seenfinalarabic
FEB3 seeninitialarabic
FEB4 seenmedialarabic
FEB6 sheenfinalarabic
FEB7 sheeninitialarabic
FEB8 sheenmedialarabic
FEBA sadfinalarabic
FEBB sadinitialarabic
FEBC sadmedialarabic
FEBE dadfinalarabic
FEBF dadinitialarabic
FEC0 dadmedialarabic
FEC2 tahfinalarabic
FEC3 tahinitialarabic
FEC4 tahmedialarabic
FEC6 zahfinalarabic
FEC7 zahinitialarabic
FEC8 zahmedialarabic
FECA ainfinalarabic
FECB aininitialarabic
FECC ainmedialarabic
FECE ghainfinalarabic
FECF ghaininitialarabic
FED0 ghainmedialarabic
FED2 fehfinalarabic
FED3 fehinitialarabic
FED4 fehmedialarabic
FED6 qaffinalarabic
FED7 qafinitialarabic
FED8 qafmedialarabic
FEDA kaffinalarabic
FEDB kafinitialarabic
FEDC kafmedialarabic
FEDE lamfinalarabic
FEDF laminitialarabic
FEDF FEE4 FEA0 lammeemjeeminitialarabic
FEDF FEE4 FEA8 lammeemkhahinitialarabic
FEE0 lammedialarabic
FEE2 meemfinalarabic
FEE3 meeminitialarabic
FEE4 meemmedialarabic
FEE6 noonfinalarabic
FEE7 nooninitialarabic
FEE7 FEEC noonhehinitialarabic
FEE8 noonmedialarabic
FEEA hehfinalalttwoarabic
FEEA hehfinalarabic
FEEB hehinitialarabic
FEEC hehmedialarabic
FEEE wawfinalarabic
FEF0 alefmaksurafinalarabic
FEF2 yehfinalarabic
FEF3 alefmaksurainitialarabic
FEF3 yehinitialarabic
FEF4 alefmaksuramedialarabic
FEF4 yehmedialarabic
FEF5 lamalefmaddaaboveisolatedarabic
FEF6 lamalefmaddaabovefinalarabic
FEF7 lamalefhamzaaboveisolatedarabic
FEF8 lamalefhamzaabovefinalarabic
FEF9 lamalefhamzabelowisolatedarabic
FEFA lamalefhamzabelowfinalarabic
FEFB lamalefisolatedarabic
FEFC lamaleffinalarabic
FEFF zerowidthjoiner
FF01 exclammonospace
FF02 quotedblmonospace
FF03 numbersignmonospace
FF04 dollarmonospace
FF05 percentmonospace
FF06 ampersandmonospace
FF07 quotesinglemonospace
FF08 parenleftmonospace
FF09 parenrightmonospace
FF0A asteriskmonospace
FF0B plusmonospace
FF0C commamonospace
FF0D hyphenmonospace
FF0E periodmonospace
FF0F slashmonospace
FF10 zeromonospace
FF11 onemonospace
FF12 twomonospace
FF13 threemonospace
FF14 fourmonospace
FF15 fivemonospace
FF16 sixmonospace
FF17 sevenmonospace
FF18 eightmonospace
FF19 ninemonospace
FF1A colonmonospace
FF1B semicolonmonospace
FF1C lessmonospace
FF1D equalmonospace
FF1E greatermonospace
FF1F questionmonospace
FF20 atmonospace
FF21 Amonospace
FF22 Bmonospace
FF23 Cmonospace
FF24 Dmonospace
FF25 Emonospace
FF26 Fmonospace
FF27 Gmonospace
FF28 Hmonospace
FF29 Imonospace
FF2A Jmonospace
FF2B Kmonospace
FF2C Lmonospace
FF2D Mmonospace
FF2E Nmonospace
FF2F Omonospace
FF30 Pmonospace
FF31 Qmonospace
FF32 Rmonospace
FF33 Smonospace
FF34 Tmonospace
FF35 Umonospace
FF36 Vmonospace
FF37 Wmonospace
FF38 Xmonospace
FF39 Ymonospace
FF3A Zmonospace
FF3B bracketleftmonospace
FF3C backslashmonospace
FF3D bracketrightmonospace
FF3E asciicircummonospace
FF3F underscoremonospace
FF40 gravemonospace
FF41 amonospace
FF42 bmonospace
FF43 cmonospace
FF44 dmonospace
FF45 emonospace
FF46 fmonospace
FF47 gmonospace
FF48 hmonospace
FF49 imonospace
FF4A jmonospace
FF4B kmonospace
FF4C lmonospace
FF4D mmonospace
FF4E nmonospace
FF4F omonospace
FF50 pmonospace
FF51 qmonospace
FF52 rmonospace
FF53 smonospace
FF54 tmonospace
FF55 umonospace
FF56 vmonospace
FF57 wmonospace
FF58 xmonospace
FF59 ymonospace
FF5A zmonospace
FF5B braceleftmonospace
FF5C barmonospace
FF5D bracerightmonospace
FF5E asciitildemonospace
FF61 periodhalfwidth
FF62 cornerbracketlefthalfwidth
FF63 cornerbracketrighthalfwidth
FF64 ideographiccommaleft
FF65 middledotkatakanahalfwidth
FF66 wokatakanahalfwidth
FF67 asmallkatakanahalfwidth
FF68 ismallkatakanahalfwidth
FF69 usmallkatakanahalfwidth
FF6A esmallkatakanahalfwidth
FF6B osmallkatakanahalfwidth
FF6C yasmallkatakanahalfwidth
FF6D yusmallkatakanahalfwidth
FF6E yosmallkatakanahalfwidth
FF6F tusmallkatakanahalfwidth
FF70 katahiraprolongmarkhalfwidth
FF71 akatakanahalfwidth
FF72 ikatakanahalfwidth
FF73 ukatakanahalfwidth
FF74 ekatakanahalfwidth
FF75 okatakanahalfwidth
FF76 kakatakanahalfwidth
FF77 kikatakanahalfwidth
FF78 kukatakanahalfwidth
FF79 kekatakanahalfwidth
FF7A kokatakanahalfwidth
FF7B sakatakanahalfwidth
FF7C sikatakanahalfwidth
FF7D sukatakanahalfwidth
FF7E sekatakanahalfwidth
FF7F sokatakanahalfwidth
FF80 takatakanahalfwidth
FF81 tikatakanahalfwidth
FF82 tukatakanahalfwidth
FF83 tekatakanahalfwidth
FF84 tokatakanahalfwidth
FF85 nakatakanahalfwidth
FF86 nikatakanahalfwidth
FF87 nukatakanahalfwidth
FF88 nekatakanahalfwidth
FF89 nokatakanahalfwidth
FF8A hakatakanahalfwidth
FF8B hikatakanahalfwidth
FF8C hukatakanahalfwidth
FF8D hekatakanahalfwidth
FF8E hokatakanahalfwidth
FF8F makatakanahalfwidth
FF90 mikatakanahalfwidth
FF91 mukatakanahalfwidth
FF92 mekatakanahalfwidth
FF93 mokatakanahalfwidth
FF94 yakatakanahalfwidth
FF95 yukatakanahalfwidth
FF96 yokatakanahalfwidth
FF97 rakatakanahalfwidth
FF98 rikatakanahalfwidth
FF99 rukatakanahalfwidth
FF9A rekatakanahalfwidth
FF9B rokatakanahalfwidth
FF9C wakatakanahalfwidth
FF9D nkatakanahalfwidth
FF9E voicedmarkkanahalfwidth
FF9F semivoicedmarkkanahalfwidth
FFE0 centmonospace
FFE1 sterlingmonospace
FFE3 macronmonospace
FFE5 yenmonospace
FFE6 wonmonospace

Postscript glyph names associates with PUA code points

1 For more information on PUA usage by software vendors, see Use of the Unicode Private Use Areas by Software Vendors.

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