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TECkit: Recent changes

Jonathan Kew, Bobby de Vos, 2020-05-13

This page notes significant changes made to the TECkit package and website. These notes are not guaranteed to be exhaustive!

2020-05-13 - Version 2.5.10 released

  • Unicode character repertoire (character names in compiler; normalization rules in engine) updated for Unicode 13.
  • Updated zlib to version 1.2.11
  • Various improvements for compiling and documentation.

2019-03-18 - Version 2.5.9 released

  • Unicode character repertoire (character names in compiler; normalization rules in engine) updated for Unicode 12.
  • Various improvements for testing, compiling, and documentation.

2018-06-18 - Version 2.5.8 released

  • Unicode character repertoire (character names in compiler; normalization rules in engine) updated for Unicode 11.

2017-06-26 - Version 2.5.7 released

  • Unicode character repertoire (character names in compiler; normalization rules in engine) updated for Unicode 10.
  • Added a 64-bit Windows build
  • Updated documentation

2016-08-23 - Version 2.5.6 released

  • Unicode character repertoire (character names in compiler; normalization rules in engine) updated for Unicode 7.
  • Several fixes due to issues with compilers, building, and packaging.

2008-04-07 - Version 2.5.1 released

  • Unicode character repertoire (character names in compiler; normalization rules in engine) updated for Unicode 5.1
  • Minor bug-fixes in the code.

2006-06-02 - Version 2.2 released

  • Fixed possible crash caused by a mapping pass containing no rules (in the direction being used).
  • Fixed bug that caused some mapping rules to be ignored when many rules (over 255) could match strings starting with the same character.
  • Improved compile time for extremely large mappings.
  • Updated normalization rules to take account of Balinese decompositions, added during the Unicode 5.0 beta period.

2006-03-16 - Version 2.1.3 released

  • Fixed some mapping bugs affecting very complex mappings such as Khmer.
  • Updated to Unicode 5.0 character names and normalization rules.
  • Added -x (XML output) option to compiler, to support the Reprise tool.

2004-07-21 - Version 2.1.2 released

  • Bug-fix release for compiler error (two Unicode character names not correctly recognized).

2004-06-22 - Version 2.1.1 released

  • Bug-fix release for compiler error (ignoring character after "_" in environments).

2004-03-29 - Version 2.1 released

  • Compiler supports Unicode source text and quoted literal strings.
  • Engine provides new "...Opt" APIs supporting additional options for handling unmappable input.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements for complex regular expression matches.


  • New "Define" (macro) feature added to TECkit compiler.
  • TECkit Language documentation and IPA93 sample updated to use Define feature.
  • Updated Windows and MacOS packages released.


  • Created BBEdit plug-in to call TECkit compiler.
  • Added Classic PPC build of engine and compiler libraries to the MacOS archive.



  • Bug fixes in TECkit engine (affecting complex regular-expression rules with optional items and alternatives).
  • Updated version of engine source code posted (see download page).


  • Minor user interface tweaks to DropTEC.exe and TECkit Mapping Editor.exe tools.


  • Minor bug-fixes in Windows release (especially compilation of Unicode-Unicode mappings, and some error message improvements).
  • First public release of source code for the TECkit conversion engine.

2002-08-30: first general release of Mac tools

  • Posted an archive containing Mac (PPC-Carbon) versions of the core engine and compiler libraries, along with Mapping Editor and DropTEC applications. No documentation or samples are included in the package; see the Windows release for these. The Mac tools should run on Mac OS X or earlier systems with CarbonLib installed. A Mac build of the SFconv tool is also included, but has no true Mac user interface; this is currently a Classic application.

2002-06-24 release

  • This contains the exact same files as 2002-06-20, but the Samples directory has been repackaged as a .zip archive to avoid problems downloading the individual .map files from the Web server. Don't bother downloading this if you already have the complete 2002-06-20 archive.

2002-06-20 release

  • Added documentation and sample code for calling TECkit from VB/VBA (thanks to Bob Hallissy)?see the Developers folder.

2002-06-14 release

  • The engine now supports normalization (Unicode normalization forms NFC and NFD). Mapping authors can specify which normalization form they want Unicode input to arrive in, and client applications can specify which form they want to receive.
  • As a consequence of adding normalization support, the APIs for creating and using a converter have changed. This necessitates minor changes to client code in order to use the new release. The main difference is that the encoding form (including desired normalization form, if any) is now specified at converter creation time rather than when the converter is used, and is therefore fixed for the life of a given converter object.
  • Added APIs to query compiled mapping objects for name strings and flags without actually instantiating a converter. (This may be needed in order to determine appropriate encoding forms before calling CreateConverter, for tools that are not restricted to only using Byte-Unicode converters.)
  • Significant changes to the user interface of the TECkit Mapping Editor tool. I think the Compile and Test commands are less obscure in their behavior now. (However, there is still no actual documentation for it?sorry!)
  • TxtConv tool updated to provide access to normalization functions.
  • SFconv tool included in the release. Documentation to follow!

2002-05-14 release

  • WINAPI modifier added to public APIs, making it possible to call the DLLs directly from languages such as Visual Basic. This will require existing C-language client code to be recompiled with the new headers before it can work with the new versions of the libraries.

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