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Short URL: https://scripts.sil.org/Mingzat


Lepcha Unicode font

Lorna Evans, 2013-09-25

Font in Development

The Mingzat font is still in development. We are looking for feedback from the Lepcha script user community. See the README.txt file for contact information.


Lepcha script is used by the  Lepcha language of South Asia. Lepcha has been in Unicode since Unicode 5.1.

Mingzat is a Unicode font based on Jason Glavy's  JG Lepcha custom-encoded font. We have used his design and released the font under the SIL Open Font License (OFL) with his generous permission. Most Windows applications provide basic Unicode support. However, because Lepcha is an Indic script, it requires reordering and at this time there is little support for Lepcha on computers. Please see the section on rendering for detailed information.

The name "Mingzat" means "treasure of letters" in the Lepcha language.


If you have existing data using the JG Lepcha font and wish to convert your data to Unicode you may use the TECkit mapping file (available from downloads). SILConverters 4.0 can be used with this mapping file to convert documents (text or Word) to Unicode.


Mingzat can be used with any Unicode Lepcha keyboarding program. However, we have included a Keyman keyboard which you will need to download separately (LepchaKeymanKbd.kmp). This Keyman keyboard is based on a phonetic representation of the script. The Keyman program is not an SIL product, and it is not free. You must install Keyman Desktop Lite or Keyman Desktop Professional before you install this keyboard. You can purchase and download Keyman  here. Please read the documentation (welcome.htm) which comes with the keyboard to learn the keyboard sequences.

We have also recently added an MSKLC keyboard which is based on a US physical keyboard. It has not undergone much testing.

Both keyboards are distributed under the SIL International X11-style License.



  • The JG Lepcha font was reencoded for Unicode
  • OpenType and Graphite smart positioning rules for conjuncts, combining marks and reordering have been added
  • Added U+1C3B..U+1C3E and U+1C4D..1C4F
  • Added conjunct for U+1C05 LEPCHA LETTER NGA plus U+1C24 LEPCHA SUBJOINED LETTER YA
  • U+1C2B LEPCHA VOWEL SIGN UU has been resized and lowered

Rendering Issues

Lepcha is a complex Indic script which requires reordering. At this time, there is little (or no) support for the Lepcha script in commercial rendering systems.

Mingzat follows the Unicode syllable order: C(.)(R)(Y)(V)(F)(^). This translates into Consonant (C) followed by optional nukta (.), followed by optional Ra (R), followed by optional Ya (Y), followed by optional dependent Vowel (V), followed by optional Final consonant sign (F), followed by optional Ran (^). If this structure is followed, and your application supports proper rendering, the font will display them in the correct order. See the example nonsense syllable below:

Mingzat is designed to work with Graphite or OpenType advanced font technologies. To take advantage of the advanced typographic capabilities of this font, you must be using applications that provide an adequate level of support for Graphite or OpenType.


Any Graphite-enabled application will be able to use the Graphite capabilities in the font. Mingzat has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows XP to work with the following applications:


Uniscribe does not (yet) support the Lepcha script. Thus, the OpenType capabilities are limited to ICU rendering. Mingzat has been tested on Windows 7 to work with the following applications:

Additionally, the font does NOT render correctly in any Microsoft application. It also does not render properly in AbiWord 2.8.6 or in Scribus 1.4.0.

Supported character ranges

Lepcha (1C00..1C4F)
Codepage 1252 (Western)1

Optional Registration Form

Any requests or comments on how the font works?


If you wish to receive announcements about Mingzat (including updates to the fonts), please enter your email address (it will be kept private):


Thank you for your interest in Mingzat.


Lepcha glyph design Copyright (c) 2001, GlavyFonts and Copyright (c) 2006 Athinkra, LLC ( http://www.athinkra.com) with Reserved Font Name "JG Lepcha".

OpenType and Graphite code Copyright (c) 2010-2013, SIL International ( http://www.sil.org/) with Reserved Font Name "Mingzat".

Latin glyph design Copyright (c) 1994-2013, SIL International ( http://www.sil.org/), with Reserved Font Names 'SIL' and "Sophia'.


Subscribe to SIL Font News announce list

If you wish to receive announcements about updates to Mingzat, or any of our SIL fonts, please go to this page to subscribe: SIL Font News subscription.

In this version of the font (ver 0.100) the Graphite code was updated to handle U+1c2c  LEPCHA VOWEL SIGN E AND combining above Final Consonant Sign with conjuncts.

Mingzat font for Lepcha script (ver. 0.100)
Lorna Evans, 2013-09-25
Download "Mingzat-0.100.zip", ZIP archive, 189KB [1486 downloads]

If you are uncertain what to do with a .zip file, see Decompression Utilities, Downloading & Font Installation Tips. Within the archive is the font file and documentation.

This font can be installed using standard font installation procedures for the given operating-system platform. Note that certain applications may not see the new font immediately. You may have to quit and restart the application for the font to become available.
SIL Lepcha Unicode Keyman 6.0 (or greater) Keyboard (v. 0.9)
Lorna Priest, 2011-12-15
Download "LepchaUKMN-0.9.kmp", Keyman keyboard package, 147KB [1127 downloads]

This is a  Keyman package. If you download this package, you must have Keyman already installed. The keyboard is designed to work with Keyman 6.0 or greater. You can just double-click LepchaUKMN-0.9.kmp to install the keyboard package. The keyboard layout is available in the welcome.pdf file and you will find it at the Start / All Programs / SIL Lepcha Unicode menu once you have installed the package. This package contains the keyboard and the Mingzat font will also be installed for you.

This keyboard and documentation is copyright ©2010-2011 by SIL International. It is distributed under the X11 free software license; see SIL International X11-style License for more information.
Lepcha Unicode MSKLC Keyboard (v. 0.1)
Lorna Evans, 2013-09-13
Download "LepchaMSKLC_v.1.zip", ZIP archive, 916KB [927 downloads]

This keyboard uses The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC):  http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/tools/msklc.mspx. The keyboard is designed for use with a US physical keyboard.

Download and unzip the zip file to an easy-to-remember location on your hard drive (if you are uncertain what to do with a .zip file, see Decompression Utilities, Downloading & Font Installation Tips). Installation instructions and the keyboard layout are available in the LepchaMSKLCLayout.pdf which is in .zip archive.
Data Conversion
JG Lepcha custom encoding to Unicode TECkit mapping (v.1.1)
Lorna Priest, 2011-10-14
Download "JGLepcha1.1.zip", ZIP archive, 32KB [927 downloads]
A compiled and uncompiled TECkit conversion table is included here, which maps data using the JG Lepcha font to Unicode. This map can be used with either TECkit and/or SILConverters 4.0. It has been minimally tested.


As these fonts and utilities are distributed at no cost, we are unable to provide a commercial level of personal technical support. We will, however, try to resolve problems that are reported to us.

We do hope that you will report problems so they can be addressed in future releases. Even if you are not having any specific problems, but have an idea on how this system could be improved, we want to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Please note that these fonts are intended for use by experienced computer users. Installing and using these fonts is not a trivial matter. The most effective technical support is usually provided by an experienced computer user who can personally sit down with you at your computer to troubleshoot the problem.

General troubleshooting information, including frequently asked questions, can be found in the documentation. Additional information is also available on the general Font FAQ page. If that fails to answer your question you can contact us at:

User Support
SIL International
Writing Systems Technology
7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.
Dallas, TX 75236

Email: Contact Form

1 Inclusion of basic Latin repertoire is provided as a convenience, e.g., for use in menus or for displaying markup in text files; this font is not intended for extensive Latin script use.

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